About Us

Rappo, is a world’s first AI driven Customer Engagement and Phygital Commerce Platform.

We have invested our decades of global experience on Retail Intelligence and Retail Real Estate to empower the local retailers across the retail real estates ranging from Hyperlocal to the shopping mall all the way up to to the Airport Concessionaire.

Our Philosophy

Re-inventing customer convenience with customer engagement while re-vitalizing the local retail economy is our Philosophy. We cracked the puzzle to meet our objective by using Rappo as a platform for the ultimate customer experience by creating a labyrinth layers of Entrepreneurial Relationship Globally that coagulates with local retail culture.

Community Joy

Our Rappo Food program gives the under privileged in the most discrete and dignified way. Rappo Food program is there to take care of the under-privileged for basic groceries and food needs. Rappo bridges the gap between the giver and the taker in a dignified and discrete way. Your Rappos earned by ways of reviews , transactions etc can be used  to do a quick meal program or a weekly or monthly grocery or medicine program for  the ones who need it.

Social Responsibility

Rappo is  an active player in community service,  having a high ethical standards that we and our eco-system of our entrepreneurs, consumers and givers  adhere to. Our Small business accelerator program respects and rewards entrepreneurs. Rappo does its due diligence to make sure that a market worthy product in the hands of a local community entrepreneur is well launched and well positioned.