Non-Aviation revenue has stagnated during these pandemic times.

With Rappo, why be left behind by Airlines when it comes to pampering your travelers. Seamlessly extend to the digital space by making a Market place of all your concessionaire.

Take off together with your travelers

Recognize your frequent travelers and pamper them just the way the airlines do. Know your travelers preference and open all of your concessionaires for shopping digitally even beyond their terminal instead of limiting them to their aisle they walk through. Deliver them at their departure gate or ship it to their desired destination. Be it a review of your restroom or smoking lounge all done at Rappo for you benefits to constantly engage your happy traveler.


Are You Ready to honor your Customers’ Need for Personalization, Gamification and Gratification?

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Rappo can deliver offers and communications directly to customers based on their Profile both online and offline.

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Phygital Commerce

Our revolutionary integration of your Physical Commerce with your Digital Commerce will enable a constantly blossoming customer data sets

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Seamless integration, lightweight on-boarding and quick integrations lets you engage with your customers phygitally quickly.

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