In-door Wayfinding

Use our Wayfinder and guide your customer right from their cars all their way to their preferred stores, food outlet or a movie hall. No more waiting on Kiosks that give you a hard time on your orientation capabilities. Rappo can talk your way to  your favorite store . Rappo’s intelligent way-finder will mark your location on the mall and walk you through to your store!

Automation on Gratification at Hyperlocal Market

For consumers, convenience coupled with gamification and gratification will be the biggest deciding factor in choosing which hypermarket to shop at. At Rappo we take care of that for you automatically and intelligently. It is designed to bring life to your customer engagement programs that are consumer-centric. Identify and reward different customers in real-time based on their LSM scores.

Increase Engagement & Conversions

In a world of monotonous loyalty program where you wait for accumulation of points with pre-defined restrictive encashment options, Rappos helps your brand to stand out by offering better gratification across Hyperlocal, retail assets spread across selected cities almost immediately.

Engagement & Conversions using RAPPOS

Rappo understands that an engaged customer is emotionally connected to your brand which is a critical requirement for a brand's success An engaged customer contributes to repeat sales and minimize acquisition costs by influencing  new customers. The measure of customer engagement is determined by Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Repeat Purchase Rate (RPR). Our unique gratification program called  ”Rappos”  has the  ability to reduce customer acquisition costs, increase their CLV and their RPR.