Build a Sustainable Business

Unsustainable aggregator business model, market share controlled by aggregators with zero customer engagement and nil customer data transparency has led to bleeding margins.

No commission on revenue. No minimum orders limits. At Rappo deliver your customer and collect your full invoice value direct

Know your customers own your orders

Our AI engine at affordable cost will let you know your customer better than you ever did. Be empowered to engage, pamper and gratify your customer. Serve your customers direct with your full menu listed. Plug and play the aggregators strategy all by yourself all for yourself.  Direct Payment, Pre-paid Delivery and you get to know your customer direct.  Rappo does it all.

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Are You Ready to honor your Customers’ Need for Personalization, Gamification and Gratification?

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Rappo can deliver offers and communications directly to customers based on their Profile both online and offline.

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Phygital Commerce

Our revolutionary integration of your Physical Commerce with your Digital Commerce will enable a constantly blossoming customer data sets

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Seamless integration, lightweight on-boarding and quick integrations lets you engage with your customers phygitally quickly.

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