Market share invasion by large modern retail has dented customer retention

Market share invasion by large modern retail combined with the lack of digital ordering, organized home delivery has dented customer retention & acquisition.

With Rappo we digitally enable hyperlocal players for a world-class digital shopper experience & Delivery. We engage & retain shoppers by gratify returning customers.

With personalized offers & cross promotions of hyperlocal Rappo help regain lost local market share with affordable adoption of tech platform with expertise. Lack of expertise & cost of tech to compete will be a thing of the past. With a Point-of-Sales and a bar-coded inventory you are easily listed with all of your inventory and ready to take on the czars of the Digital battlefield.

Being a Multi location chain brand you still need to plan locally for your delivery and handle your digital sale based on your Hyperlocal store and yet be able to recognize your customer when your customer shops across stores or cities. Rappo does it all for you.

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Are You Ready to honor your Customers’ Need for Personalization, Gamification and Gratification?

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Rappo can deliver offers and communications directly to customers based on their Profile both online and offline.

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Phygital Commerce

Our revolutionary integration of your Physical Commerce with your Digital Commerce will enable a constantly blossoming customer data sets

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Seamless integration, lightweight on-boarding and quick integrations lets you engage with your customers phygitally quickly.

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