Orchestrate customer engagement across retail assets...

Orchestrate customer engagement across retail assets...

Integrate Physical Commerce with Digital Commerce and Reimagine your Customer Journey

Let the AI take the
guesswork out of your
customer behaviour

World’s first
True Hyperlocal platform

Enhanced Customer Engagement…Intrinsic Shopper Insights……Personalized Interactions

Quick & Easy “Go Live”

A lightweight on-boarding and quick integrations lets you engage with your customers phygitally quickly.  Rappo harnesses the efficiency of Progressive Web App (PWA) to deliver delightful consumer experiences.

On board your existing loyalty Program

With Rappo you don’t have to do away with your existing loyalty program, We also make it simple to integrate data from your existing loyalty system in your stack into our customer engagement platform so you can decide which strategies, asset and channels perform best for you. It integrates the gratification system within your customers other spend zone .

Keep Track Of Your Campaign Performance

Our seamless integrations take care of your campaigns too. Engage with your Customer on an always accessible mode. Vital KPIs on-the-go regarding footfall and conversion are tracked and recorded.  You pay only on the success of the Be-spoke campaign