Orchestrate customer engagement across retail assets...

Orchestrate customer engagement across retail assets...

Integrate Physical Commerce with Digital Commerce and Reimagine your Customer Journey

Let the AI take the
guesswork out of your
customer behaviour

World’s first
True Hyperlocal platform

Enhanced Customer Engagement…Intrinsic Shopper Insights……Personalized Interactions

Orchestrate customer engagement across retail assets...

Predictive Intelligence

Real-time intelligence on customer behaviour automatically optimizes and personalizes every customer experience. Rappo is the connecting nerve between your POS, your data, and your customer-facing device. 45% of consumers  indicated that they purchased a more expensive product than originally intended because of their personalized experience and that personalized experience comes from Predictive Intelligence only.

Re-Imagining your Customer journey with our AI Engine

Almost all brands manage to keep track of customer journey with their store or brand  after purchasing but the pre-sales journey is the challenge. You can have an insight to that at Rappo. The enticing challenge is  handling every interaction of the customer with the intelligence of the customer’s history of  every request in store and online . In store or online , imagine you can recognize  the customer instantaneously and an appropriate attention  is  given  to the customer immediately.

Personalization is Key

With Rappo you will be able to wow your customers with personalization beyond what he/she expects. Rappo  makes it easily  knowledgeable  to you on what your consumer wants so that you engage them with relevant and personalized message thereby  enabling them to buy from you, and gratify them every time they choose you across Digital channel and or Retail assets.

Take the guesswork out of  your gratification strategy

The AI on our Customer Engagement Platform lets your data unlock for you a never before perceived potential. We orchestrate your gratification strategies. Your customer’s shopping and his review  data will do the automatic synchronization for  you and your customer  on the desired engagement and  benefits. It will be one of your ‘easy buttons’ to provide a classy and more efficient customer experiences across every digital engagement channel and Physical Retail Asset. Automation on Gratification at Hyperlocal Market and Malls is done with ease on Rappo.