Let the AI take the guesswork out of your customer behavior

82% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a brand that offers personalized experiences

With Rappo’s you will be able to wow your customers with personalization beyond what he/she expects. Rappo makes it easily knowledgeable to you on what your consumer wants so that you engage them with relevant and personalized message thereby enabling them to buy from you, and gratify them every time they choose you across Digital channel and or Retail assets.

Quick & Easy “Go Live”

A lightweight on-boarding and quick integrations lets you engage with your customers phygitally quickly. Rappo harnesses the efficiency of Progressive Web App (PWA) to deliver delightful consumer experiences.

Enabling “Hurried Shoppers”

 Merge online and offline experiences, allowing customers to buy a product online and then pick them up at the mall or store or the car park at their convenient time. Using mobile phone a customer can scan the product Tag in the store and pay online and keep moving and by clicking “the deliver at home” option thereby enabling a “Hurried Shopper”

In Store- Catalogue Browsing

Consumers want products on-demand and expect seamless ordering and a personalized experience of being able to shop digitally while being Physical at the store too. Rappo enables your in-store customers to browse your online catalogue without any glitches. 

Content in Context is the “Do All”magic wand

Deliver relevant data in response to customer context — their profile their location, their activity and at the moments they like to engage with you. Engage, to empower your customers with our powerful instant gratification on our Platform.

Earning & burning Rappos Anywhere

Online or offline your customers can earn and redeem our Rappos instantly, whenever and wherever they desire. We help the stores design and execute bespoke loyalty and campaigns program to sync with the desires and aspirations of its customers.

Make Mobile the Genie

Gamify your Loyalty Program and avoid churn by unleashing Rappos, Badges and Powers. Rappos bring success with bespoke and personalized gratification. Almost all of non-transactional activities are incentivized with targeted communication and sustainable gamification rules.

Content in Context is the “Do All” magic wand

Integrating  your customer data sets across branches and or locations reveals a whole new script for you at Rappo. Our Phygital Engine will provide a delightful experience for the customers as they shop across your locations in addition to connecting consumer’s online and offline experience ensuring that they can switch between them with ease.


Are You Ready to honor your Customers’ Need for Personalization, Gamification and Gratification?

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Rappo can deliver offers and communications directly to customers based on their Profile both online and offline.

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Phygital Commerce

Our revolutionary integration of your Physical Commerce with your Digital Commerce will enable a constantly blossoming customer data sets

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Seamless integration, lightweight on-boarding and quick integrations lets you engage with your customers phygitally quickly.

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