Orchestrate customer engagement across retail assets...

Value of your Mall tomorrow depends on how well you know your shopper?

Post Covid, Malls need to pull up the footfall. Mall valuation depends on how you engage your shoppers today. Rappo’s sustainable customer engagement platform increases your Trading Denisty, Non GLA revenue, Foot Fall and your Gross Revenue all of which goes to build up the valuation of your mall.

Orchestrate your customer engagement

Our AI engine will maximize partner engagement with a 360 * view of your customer purchase patterns and preference data sets crunched for your business benefits. Serve and pamper your customer on our phygital platform. Take the challenge head on with all of your store inventory, direct payments and effortless delivery all on one platform while you keep pampering your shoppers across their entire gamut of their spend zone with immediate and apt gratification, all of it done for you at Rappo….personalized offerings, privileged “wow” shopping experience, shopper engagement, physical & digital bespoke gratification to engaged & returning shoppers

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Are You Ready to honor your Customers’ Need for Personalization, Gamification and Gratification?

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Rappo can deliver offers and communications directly to customers based on their Profile both online and offline.

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Phygital Commerce

Our revolutionary integration of your Physical Commerce with your Digital Commerce will enable a constantly blossoming customer data sets

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Seamless integration, lightweight on-boarding and quick integrations lets you engage with your customers phygitally quickly.

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